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The Power of Performance | Monday Motivation with Chad Lingafelt

June 11, 1997 – Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, also known as the “Flu Game” for Michael Jordan, was a make or break battle of champions.

Certain stages bring out the best in people or a certain level of fight in people. The Power of Performance can be when you get on a certain stage, or a certain opportunity, or people around you pushing you to go further or stronger and its an amazing thing. It can transform something ordinary to something extraordinary just by allowing that pressure or the power of performance to change the way you carry yourself and the results that come because of it.

The result of the NBA Finals situation and the power of performance, was the Chicago Bulls narrowly beating the Utah Jazz and Michael Jordan being touted as a hero for playing while sick.

Michael Jordan knew it was important to be a major player in an important game and pushed through the sickness (with the help of rest breaks, ice packs to bring down his fever and a great support system) so that he could help bring the team to victory.

Our question for you today allows for a little self examination. Are you calling out regularly or taking it easy? Do you phone it in? Or think what you are doing has no impact or isn’t important. How can you allow the power of performance to push you to a higher level?

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know below if you’ve ever performed under pressure.

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