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Enhanced Access Control: Transforming Security 

Improving Access to Multi Tenant Building

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Customer Problem:

The Watermark Building was struggling with an outdated access control and callbox system, making it difficult to manage entry permissions and verify who entered the building.

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Loc-Doc Security Solution

Loc-Doc Security installed the Brivo access control system and customized a LiftMaster callbox system, significantly improving security with advanced management features and providing an audit trail for better tracking and control of building access.

Case Study: Security Enhancement at Watermark Building, Charlotte, NC

Location: Charlotte, NC 28204
Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Challenge: Outdated access control and callbox systems, difficulty in managing credentials and verifying building access.
Solution: Installation of Brivo access control system and customization of LiftMaster callbox system.
Results: Enhanced security, streamlined access management, and improved tracking of building access.


The Watermark Building is a prominent multi-tenant facility in Charlotte, NC, which faced significant challenges with its security systems. The existing key fob system was outdated, cumbersome to manage, and lacked the capabilities needed to securely manage access for a large number of tenants and visitors.

The Challenge

Management needed a modern solution that could not only secure the building but also provide an easy way to manage access and verify the identity of those entering. The key requirements were:

  • A robust system to manage access permissions efficiently.

  • Real-time tracking of who accessed the building and when.

  • An intuitive system for granting temporary access to visitors without compromising security.


The Solution

Loc-Doc Security was approached to provide a comprehensive security solution. Our team assessed the building’s needs and installed two main systems:

  1. Brivo Access Control System: A state-of-the-art system that allowed for remote management of all building doors. It ensures doors remain locked, while still granting access to authorized users through a secure, cloud-based platform.

  2. LiftMaster Callbox System: Customized to meet the specific needs of the Watermark Building, this system allows guests to communicate with tenants or security from the entry door, facilitating controlled access.



The implementation involved:

  • Removing the outdated key fob system and replacing it with Brivo’s advanced technology.

  • Integrating Brivo with the existing security infrastructure to provide seamless access control.

  • Customizing and installing the LiftMaster callbox at strategic entry points to ensure visitors could be granted access without delay.



The new systems transformed how the Watermark Building managed building access:

  • Enhanced Security: Only authorized personnel and visitors can access the building, with all doors managed remotely and securely.

  • Efficient Management: The Brivo system provides an easy-to-use interface for administrators to update and manage access permissions.

  • Audit Trail: Full visibility into the access history of the building, enhancing security operations and compliance.

  • Visitor Management: Guests can easily be granted access through the LiftMaster callbox, improving convenience without compromising security.



With the Brivo and LiftMaster systems, the Watermark Building has significantly enhanced its security capabilities, providing a safe and secure environment for its tenants and their visitors. Loc-Doc Security continues to support the building’s management with ongoing service and updates.


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