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Door Frame Replacement

Sometimes the door can't be adjusted anymore and the entire frame needs to be replaced.  Our team can remove the old frame, install a new opening and get your facility secured in a days work.  We offer custom frame replacement and installation for any size opening and any wall type.

Door Installation and Replacement

Rust and weather can destroy your exterior doors and turn them into floppy and dangerous entry points to your building.  When this happens, the doors are not secure and often times can cause injury to your employees or guests.  Full door and door hardware replacement is necessary.  Our team can handle the entire project from the frame, door, all the hardware and even ensuring your keys still work!

Door Opener / Door Operator

Want to make your facility more frictionless?  Need ADA Compliance for Automatic Door Operators?  Reduce touch points, increase compliance and make sure your doors aren't getting propped open.   Our team helps your facility open and close like it's supposed to.

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Door Install

Our commercial door installation service involves a lot more than just making sure the door we install can open or close correctly and that

Door Armor

Door Armor is used to reinforce the weak points on your existing doors. By reinforcing the frame, hinges, and area around the lock, it...

Exit Devices

What is an exit device? An exit device is a door hardware component that is meant to act as an emergency escape mechanism. They are...

Door Repair

Commercial Door Repair in Charlotte – Accidents happen. When one of the doors at your business’ warehouse or office space becomes...

Push Bars

Perfect for ensuring the safety of any building’s occupants during an emergency situation. If you are the administrator of an Office...

Traffic Control

If you are in need of a Traffic Control solution, then you are in the right place. We have electronic control experts ready to install new

Door Closers

If you are sick and tired of that door down the hall banging shut and interrupting your concentration, then you need a Door Closer! Door...

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