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I’m a HOA Board Member
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In the suburbs
We Make Sure Your Community is Safe & Secure 

Behind every successful Community is a board of directors that makes decisions, establishes budgets and considers the welfare of the association.

At Loc Doc Security, we help you navigate how to keep your community safe and secure. Whether it’s managing your club house access, ensuring your pool is ready to pass inspection for opening day, or helping you see who is using your amenities, we can help. 

It's the little things we provide like fast response and helpful and kind communication, jobs being started and completed on time, and post-job communication that ultimately make your job easier.

Commercial Services We Provide

Frequently Asked Questions
Traffic Control
Access Control
Is Your HOA Pool Ready for Guests?
What's a Mobile Key?
How to reduce touch points?
What is a Key Card System? What is a Key Fob System?
Key Card System
Manage Your Access System
Is My Building Locked If The Power Goes Out?
How Do I Unlock The Door From My Desk?
What is PoE? How Does PoE Save Your Building Money? Why do I need PoE?
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