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Preparing for Opportunity | Monday Motivation with Chad Lingafelt

Charlotte Awbery went viral when walking out of the London tube and encountering YouTuber Kevin freshwater doing a bit called finish the lyrics. Charlotte sang an impromptu rendition of shallow the Oscar-winning song by Lady Gaga when a microphone was thrust in her face. When interviewed by Ellen, she said she’s been singing since she was 15 and her dad gave her some great advice “ Wherever you are, just keep singing”

For 15 years, she sang with little to no recognition. but no one would have heard of her if she hadn’t been preparing all that time for that one opportunity. Fifteen years of preparation led up to one opportunity that transformed her life.

The challenge today: Are you practicing your craft every single day? Are you ready for that opportunity?

Whatever it is that you do, whether singing, a business idea you’ve not been able to present, whatever the talent, there is that one opportunity and you need to be prepared to share it. In everything that you do, practice, prepare, and always keep singing.

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