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Key System From Complicated to Simplified

Secure Doors While Reducing Keys 

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Customer Problem:

A new construction building required a master key system to be built in order to facilitate the distribution of keys among staff members.

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Loc-Doc Security Solution

The new office building was equipped with a master key system and cylinders to connect with additional properties, features that allowed for future growth as floors were leased to tenants. Now the Customer can easily view photos of the openings and keying information for each floor. 

A Commercial Property Manager came to us with a problem to solve. Their brand new building had multiple tenants on multiple floors and a multitude of keys. There were also many suites that hadn’t been leased  and remained empty.

They wanted to secure their doors while minimizing the total number of keys for the building and in a way that secured the common-area doors while still being able to prepare for future expansion.


After an assessment, our team keyed the janitorial rooms across all floors alike, as well as the electrical rooms across all floors. Now the Property Managers can issue keys to janitorial and maintenance personnel with confidence that they will not open any unwanted doors.


Building engineers can also easily utilize our Opening Management System to determine specific keying information and past service records making it easier than ever to manage their property. 

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