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Car Break-Ins In a Charlotte Business Park

Car Break-Ins In a Charlotte Business Park

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Customer Problem:

There were multiple instances of theft from cars within the business park, and no way of knowing any information on the culprits to provide to the police.

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Loc-Doc Security Solution:

An Eagle Eye camera system was installed, allowing the Management Company to view the business park entry points. Camera footage can be viewed remotely for quick reporting to authorities. Cameras are placed in visible locations to act as a deterrent.

A customer came to us with a problem. Cars were getting broken into within a business park, and expensive parts and belongings were stolen.  The business park had no surveillance cameras, and without any helpful footage, the police could not identify the culprits.


The customer turned to us for help! We solved their problem by installing an Eagle Eye camera system. One thing that makes this camera system unique is that it sends an internet connection wirelessly across eight buildings; it saves the customer money on installation costs and increases flexibility in where cameras can be mounted. 


Now that customer has this camera system, they can quickly use their smartphone, tablet or computer to pull footage from any location and save it to send to law enforcement when they know something has happened.

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