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EP 75 |The Importance of a Clear Message

Today is an exciting episode and a little different conversation from our normal format. We are sharing a roundtable discussion with other Professionals that was broadcast to help others in our industry. Joining us was Travis Howell, Marketing Manager from H.L. Flake, Mark Dawson from Dawson Security, and our own Marketing Team, Jessica Lingafelt Director of Digital Marketing, and Aaron Beaver Content Creator Extraordinaire .

In this episode we chat about Marketing Concepts, Strategies, and How to bring your story to your customers. We also talk about one of the best playbooks to kick start your Marketing Strategy and the importance of having a Clear Message.

Special Thanks to H.L. Flake for promoting these conversations for the Security Industry. For More conversations like this, join us Thursdays at 2 pm for a live roundtable on Facebook & Youtube.

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