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EP 153 |  How To Get Your Customers to Take Action | Guest: Bobbie Maloy

Chad Lingafelt chats with Bobbie Maloy, professional Copywriter. Bobbie is based in Texas and excels at writing emails, sales pages, landing pages and ads for business. She helps companies increase their revenue without increasing their marketing budget by crafting copy that speaks to their customers.

On this episode, Bobbie shares some insights about how you can change your writing style from stuffy corporate speak to something that your customers can relate to and understand.

We discuss the difference between content writing (which is writing to inform) and copywriting (which is writing to get people to take an action).

Bobbie shares some great takeaways about how you can improve what you’re doing.

  1. Consistency: Once a month, a week, daily

  2. Personalize: generic group emails don’t work try to personalize it

  3. Have a reason to contact your customer, not just for holidays & closures

  4. Don’t always send sales emails

Listen today and find out how you can get your customers to start taking action from your emails, social posts, and website.

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