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What is PoE? How Does PoE Save Your Building Money? Why do I need PoE?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Today we are going to answer the question: What is PoE? How can it save your building money? How does PoE work? Why do I need PoE? We’ll also give you 5 benefits of PoE.

At Loc-Doc Security, Our Mission is to help you protect your people and your property.

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. This is a way to carry electrical power by data cables. These cables contain multiple wires that allow an electrical current to flow through the ethernet cable with the normal data.

One of the advantages to using PoE is the reduction of the amount of cables usually required for any network devices.

Usually, a device that would connect to the internet (or LAN network) would require a cable to carry data and one to carry electricity to power the device.

By using a PoE, you eliminate the need for an additional power cable since the ethernet cables carry the electricity.

Why do you need PoE? We utilize PoE in electronic access control. Doing this allows us to expand the coverage area to more doors, more areas, and for more applications.

In the past, access control was used primarily for the perimeter of a building. With the increase of technology, innovative solutions have come to market like Intelligent WiFi, that can improve the safety and security of your business while offering additional benefits like energy efficiency.

Here are 5 benefits of PoE!

Flexibility: One of the most frustrating things that can happen when trying to plan your building security is feeling like you’re limited to certain locations that have access to electrical outlets.

With PoE, your security cameras and wireless access points can be positioned where you want them in the most ideal location and if you change your mind, they can be easily repositioned!

Savings: Managing a facility makes you mindful of your expenses. With PoE, you are saving time and also money. You eliminate the expense of installing electrical power cabling with an electrician since network cables don’t require electricians to install them.

You also save overall in your energy costs. Utilising PoE dramatically reduces the amount of energy your building consumes.

There are case studies that show how PoE reduced the energy required by LED lights as well as one study that showed a company saving 177,000 kilowatt-hours after combining IoT and PoE, for a total of $45,000 a year! You can save with Security, lighting, heating and cooling of the building!

Reliability: Using PoE power is reliable since the source comes from a central location and can be backed up by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

This means it will continue to operate even if there is a power outage or failure!

Safety: One important benefit of PoE is Safety. PoE is designed with safety in mind with power delivery.

This will protect network equipment from any power overload, under power and since it’s low voltage power, it eliminates the dangers that come with working with dangerous high voltage power sources.

Scalability: We love this benefit of PoE because of how the facilities and buildings we work with can transform over the years. Using PoE gives you the ability to scale up as your business expands.

As your needs change, you are able to add or install additional products on the network simply without having to overhaul the entire system.

If you have questions about PoE or want to know what would work best for your needs, we are here to help. Schedule a free consultation with our professional team at a time that works best for you below.

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