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What Is A Protected Key System?

A protected key system means that not just any hardware store can make a copy of your key. Your keys are coded and restricted to only the locations you authorize, so if someone comes into a locksmith shop with a key, they won’t be able to make a copy unless they have authorization from you. You can control who even has access to request a key.

Properly implemented, a protected key system can prevent unauthorized access to secure areas, sensitive areas and critical areas. Your business may have different levels of restricted access depending on the type of area. When it comes to your secure assets, a key should not be so easily accessible that someone could lose it or give it away without repercussion

A protected key system is important because it gives you greater control over who can obtain copies of your keys and in what quantities. When dealing with expensive properties or sensitive information, it’s critical that you know precisely who has access to your building at all times.

What Is A Protected Key System? Protected Key Systems means that they are Restricted, meaning they are only licensed to specific dealers.

Loc Doc Security is a dealer of Medeco products. If we generate a Medeco key, the only way to get additional copies is by requesting it through us. No other locksmith company has access to our records, our keys or our systems.

When we get a key request, they are checked and validated through the proper authorization contact on the account before any additional copies are made. We highly value and protect our restricted key system.

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