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What does High Security mean?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

The phrase “High Security” gets thrown around a lot when talking about key systems, but what does this phrase actually mean? Is it just a buzz word or is this an important distinction to make when selecting locks or keys? A High Security key system generally is distinguished by two characteristics: Key Control and Physical Protection.

Key Control means that the keys are difficult or practically impossible to duplicate without permission. For example, Medeco M3 keys require a special key cutting machine and access to Medeco specific blanks, available in a variety of restrictions. This means only the locksmith you purchased from can make copies of the key, and they will only do so with your authorization. This effectively allows you to control your key copies even in the event that a key is lost or stolen.

Physical Protection in a key system means that the hardware is physically resistant to tampering and attempted entry. Medeco M3 cylinders are UL 437 listed (a rigorous standard used for testing lock security) and stand up to drilling, picking and other forms of physical attack. The cylinders do this by using a sidebar that prevents the key from rotating until it is elevated, rotated and aligned in the correct position. This feature offers protection against bumping and picking attacks.

These two features combine to give us a High Security key system, which gives you a sense of security about your locks and keys that you cannot have with those of a lower security standard. If you are interested in a quote for Medeco M3 or have more questions, click here to schedule a free quote assessment.

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