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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

We recently undertook a massive project from a school system of 3 schools with 677 openings. They had a restricted key setup and were looking to keep the same system with newer hardware. We quoted installation of Corbin Russwin cylinders and keys for every opening, while keeping the existing hardware.

This was a great learning experience for our team. We were provided a site survey that was supposed to include all the information needed for the job, but soon found out that much of the information was incomplete or inaccurate.

We decided it would be best to have our own team on site to collect data and ensure we gathered all the necessary information to better serve our customer.

We sent several technicians to do the onsite assessment using our Opening Management System. 

Using barcoded stickers, the technician would verify and label each opening, including a picture of each opening. Doing this prep work would make Installation quick and trackable.

On Installation Day  our team would simply scan the door, pull up all the necessary details, and begin work.

On top of this, our project manager and service manager were able to check the progress of the project in real time. This system allows us to be meticulous, efficient, and most of all satisfy the customer.

PROBLEM: Old and Outdate Locks.

SOLUTION: New cylinders and keys system added to the existing hardware.

PARTS/SERVICES: Corbin Russwin Cylinders and Key (Existing Restricted Key System).

WHAT WE LEARNED: Site Survey provided didn’t have all the information we needed. We sent some of our team for a site visit and collected the information we needed to provide the right products.

HOW WE STOOD OUT: Our Opening Management System with Onsite Stickers and  ease of viewing doors.

Products Used:

Corbin Russwin Cylinders

Opening Management System

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