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Should I Consider Installing Keyless Door Locks In My New Home?

Electronic keyless door locks are the exciting, modern way to control the access to your home. They offer many unique benefits that key locks are unable to. Whether you are building a new home or you are looking for a way to update your current one, considering keyless door locks may get you started in the right direction.


  1. Keyless door locks are a high-security option. They do not have traditional key holes, and criminals are unable to access your home by lock “picking.”

  2. Keyless locks that are used as access control devices can be easily monitored. Family members can each have a different code. You may be able to look up when each code was used, and you will know who has been in your home.

  3. You can use two-way locks to control who enters and exits your home. This is essential for homeowners with young children who tend to exit the home without supervision or permission. With a two-way system, your young child would not be able to exit the home without you entering a code for them.


  1. Your keys are no longer essential for entering or exiting your home. If you are going for a run, your home can be accessible without constantly worrying about keeping keys on you.

  2. With keyless entries, you will never get locked out again.

  3. The entry code can be given to anyone you trust to access your home. If you have an emergency or a family member who needs to quickly enter your home, all they need is the code. You no longer need to give out numerous spare keys or leave one hidden near your door.

  4. Teens and younger children coming home from school will always have access to their home.

For more information on keyless door locks and other access control options, contact us at Loc-Doc, Inc. today.

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