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Opening Management System

Commercial access control systems ultimately secure the site where they are installed. You can actively monitor who is getting into your office space or warehouse in addition to being able to catch any sort of suspicious trespassing. DOOR STICKERS AND OPENING MANAGEMENT We’ve created a way to Simplify, Organize, and Manage your information. 3 QUESTIONS ABOUT DOOR STICKERS & OPENING MANAGEMENT The simple way we are improving your experience. If we’ve been out to your property, you may have noticed something tiny we’ve left behind. We are talking about door stickers. Have you seen stickers on your property? You may have a few questions about the stickers, and we are here to explain what purpose they serve. 1. Why are they there? Tiny, Unobtrusive, & Packed with Information. Measuring 1 inch by 2 inches, these small stickers are unobtrusive and hidden in the frame of your door. Most people pass by them and never notice they are there. If you have noticed them and wondered why they are there, we are going to tell you. The simple answer is that we apply the stickers to identify, record, and maintain data related to the door and opening to better serve you. 2. What do they do? The QR code stickers help us easily manage your data when we are onsite. Our Technicians use a smartphone app to collect information like; door type, key records, images, documents, and service history with Loc-Doc. This data can be quickly and securely accessed by scanning one of the barcodes. 3. How do they help? What’s the point? We’ve created a way to Simplify, Organize, and Manage your information. We Identify, Record, and Maintain the data to eliminate confusion. When the code is scanned with our app, it will pull the history of the door, including pictures, location, the hardware used, keys assigned, and when it was serviced. The information is stored on highly secure private cloud servers accessible anywhere at any time through a web browser.

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