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How the Market Responds to Crisis and How Your Business Can Stay Ahead of the Game

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The current climate in the news and social networks is one of fear and uncertainty. The coronavirus is certainly a pandemic we have never faced before, and there are very real dangers and losses being faced by our people and our economy. However, one of the most prominent aspects of the human spirit is its resiliency, and that same resiliency is reflected in the market.

This is an important topic to think about and discuss with the leaders and business owners in our communities. When any community survives a disastrous event, they respond in two ways: overcome and adapt. We must be mindful of the past as we shape our future, and in doing so we develop new strategies and ways of working and living that will, if successful, prevent a future crisis. This is the way of the human spirit, and therefore the way of the market.

To provide some historical examples we can look back no further than World War I and II. During the wars, the demand for military supplies from manufacturers grew and grew, and the need arose to adjust the time to match the daylight hours and provide more time to efficiently work the factories. From this concept came what we now call Daylight Savings Time, and though it went through various forms and adaptations, it eventually became a permanent part of the American Economy.

Another example is the 9/11 Crisis in 2001. After the horrible tragedy we faced, came greater security restrictions at airports and a more stringent process getting through TSA. This also did not change in the last 19 years but became a fixture in the airline travel industry.

However we may agree or disagree with the methods and implementation of these changes, the industries surrounding them must adapt in order to be successful. Not only that but a business that is customer centric will be dedicated to providing their clients with an easy and efficient means of dealing with this new way of living.

The COVID19 crisis is no different. At this moment we are already asking ourselves what life will look like on the other side of the quarantine. One of the biggest concerns during the pandemic has been the presence of touch points which greatly increase the likelihood of spreading germs. As hundreds of hands touch doors and locks and handles, so hundreds of people spread infection. Now that we are aware and alert to the problems, how do we respond?

At Loc Doc Security we are proud to be at the forefront of these kinds of discussions in the security industry. There is already an innovative solution in the marketplace that provides a way for businesses and customers to continue their daily lives and operations without fear. This solution is called the Automatic Door Operator.

The Automatic Door Operator provides us with a touch free system for entering and exiting a building. When combined with motion activation or an access control system, a person simply approaches the door (and/or presents their credentials) and the door opens for them, allowing access. Afterwards the door closes with no unnecessary touches and a greatly minimized risk of spreading germs.

This is the kind of change Loc Doc Security has been working to implement, and now more than ever we see the need for it. We encourage you to do your part in communicating and searching out the changes that we can make in our industries to relieve our world of one more crisis. If you are interested in learning more about Automatic Door Operators or getting a quote to have one installed at your property, you can schedule a free quote assessment by clicking HERE.

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