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How Much Is Locksmith Labor in Charlotte?

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

How much is locksmith labor? In the event that you need locksmith work, it is always important to make sure you are paying a reputable locksmith who will be transparent and honest about pricing.

There are unfortunately many companies that will offer you a “great deal” up front but suddenly you get with hidden charges and service fees. One particularly confusing area of pricing with locksmiths and other contractors is the labor rate. To help you stay informed and be alert to possible scams, here are answers to a few of the most common questions about labor rates:

1) What are Labor Rates?

The labor rate is what a locksmith will charge to perform any service to the customer. This would be distinguished from materials and usually from the service call, which is the charge to get the technician onsite. (example: Locksmith comes onsite and rekeys 3 doors. The labor rate is what the locksmith charges for the rekeys themselves.

2) How are they usually charged?

Labor rates are some times charged hourly, and other times charged as flat rate fees. Flat rates help to give the customer a more transparent way to see how much a service will cost, and are often based on the average amount of time it takes to perform a service. Make sure to ask for rates when you call and if the contractor gives you an hourly rate, ask them the average time it takes to perform a service.

3) How do I know I am being charged fairly?

Two things to note: Labor rates are not just a reflection of time, but of experience. Very often people hire companies that charge very low hourly rates, only to find the locksmith was not very experienced.

On the flip side, many locksmiths that charge higher labor rates have a lot more experience and may even complete a job much faster. Certainly you want the best price, but don’t be fooled by very low prices. Make a comparison of the highest rated locksmiths in your area and get an average of what they charge.

If you have questions about our labor rates, give us a call at 704-554-6121 and we’ll be glad to help answer your questions. Even if we don’t know exactly what your service will cost we offer a free quote assessment to help put the decision making power in your hands as well as provide you with the best solution available.

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