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How Much Is A Locksmith Service Call in Charlotte, NC?

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Have you ever tried to google this?  How much is a locksmith service call? Or, How much is a locksmith in Charlotte, NC?

How often have you called a locksmith, or any service company, to ask them what their service call rates are, and you left the phone call more confused than ever?

We get it. We get calls every day from people who don’t speak our lingo, and most contractors have a bad reputation for treating them with condescension and talk over their heads. Or worse, there are some people out there looking to scam you! We’ll cover more on Locksmith scams below!

Many locksmiths, however, are trying to change that. They want to equip their customers with the knowledge and information they need to feel safe and secure. Loc Doc Security is determined to be one of those companies which puts their customers first.

In order to help you be informed and prepared when dealing with lockmiths. Here are some of the basic rates you will come across in a locksmith service call:

1) Service Call (also known as Trip Charge, Assessment Charge, etc.):

This is the cost to get a technician to your house. It generally will cover travel costs, as well as any costs associated with keeping the service vehicles stocked with parts and tools that make the service call quick and efficient. Beware of uncommonly low rates, as they are commonly used to grab customers and then once onsite they will charge an exorbitant amount. (Example: $15 Service Call, and then $150 for a rekey)

2) Labor Rates

Labor rates are some times charged hourly, and other times charged as flat rate fees. Flat rates help to give the customer a more transparent way to see how much a service will cost, and are often based on the average amount of time it takes to perform a service.

Make sure to ask for rates when you call and if the contractor gives you an hourly rate, ask them the average time it takes to perform a service.

3) Materials

Materials can be the most unpredictable item in a service call, as pricing can vary for materials based on the function, model, trim, and even the finish (color) of the part being installed.

If you believe a part will need to be replaced, ask for a quote before any work is done, so that you can be sure that the price is reasonable, instead of getting stuck with a bill after the fact.

If you have questions about how much our locksmith services cost, give us a call at 704-554-6121 and we’ll be glad to help answer your questions. Even if we don’t know exactly what your service will cost we offer a free quote assessment to help put the decision making power in your hands as well as provide you with the best solution available.

For more information on these solutions, or for a custom crafted solution for your facility, request a consultation with our Professional Security Experts!

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