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How do I manage my fleet keys?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Today we are going to answer the question: How do I manage my fleet keys?

At Loc-Doc Security, Our Mission is to help you protect your people and your property. We continue to share information like this to help you be informed so you can know the best solutions for the security of your property.

If you’ve ever had to ask the question “Who has the keys?!?” while searching for a company vehicle you know how frustrating that can be. We’ve struggled with this at our facility in the past however, it’s something that can be simply and easily refined.

While key management is one of the most important aspects, it can often be overlooked. Every key provides access to a vehicle, and every day employees are coming and going with these keys.

But what if keys are lost or stolen? How do you know who had the keys last or when they were last at the office? When a vehicle goes missing or is damaged, how can you tell who got the keys to drive it? These are serious problems that can cause liability issues and confusion and ultimately spell disaster for fleet management.

This is not only a problem for vehicles but for any keys that you need to keep track of, from entry doors to cabinets and desks containing important documents to jewelry cases.

Thankfully there is a solution for this problem: The Traka Key Cabinet. This key cabinet must be opened with a pin code in order to access the keys. Each pin code is given specific permissions; for example, a service technician enters his code and can pull out the van key but cannot pull out the storeroom key.

The cabinet will log all instances of keys being removed and returned. To take a key, simply press one of the green icons and the key releases.

When you are ready to return a key, insert the iFob into the correct slot. Any key that is taken by you will be indicated by an amber icon lighting up. With the Traka Key Cabinet, if a key is lost or stolen, or a vehicle damaged, you simply run a report for that key and you will see exactly who the last person was to pull out that key. This puts you a full step ahead of other companies in responding to a crisis and limiting your liability. If you are interested in protecting and keeping track of your fleet keys, you can purchase a Traka21 Key Cabinet here, or meet with our experts to test one today!

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