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Exit Devices

What is an exit device? An exit device is a door hardware component that is meant to act as an emergency escape mechanism.

They are sometimes called panic bar exits since in an emergency situation, people tend to panic while trying to escape a building.

They are usually found inside the door on the middle section. The bar extends along the width of the door and is opened by pushing on the bar.

Push bars are used in buildings to make them safer by allowing people to exit a building quickly by simply pressing a bar that unlatches the door.

Occupants in buildings with push bars can leave the building quickly since the bars are typically spring-loaded and swing in the direction of an exit.

An exit device will always release the door under any circumstance. Casualties for many modern disasters have been lessened because of devices like push bars.

Push bars, panic bars, and other exit devices ensure that an exit door remains secure. Push bars can guarantee a confident lock on doors that are meant to be exit-only.

Panic bars sound an alarm when a door is accessed that is meant to remain closed. Other commercial security exit devices work to maintain a sealed lock on rarely used doors.

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