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EP 56 | Enneagram – Building a Balanced Team (Part 1) | Guest: Andrea Isaacs

Looking to better understand your team? Want to become more self-aware? Interested in the Enneagram but not sure where to start? Today we are talking all about the personality model that is gaining popularity in the business industry, the Enneagram. In this episode, Chad Lingafelt chats with Andrea Isaacs, Enneagram Coach, about the 9 different personality types on the Enneagram, the pros and cons of each, and how to utilize the enneagram to build a balanced team. How do you become a better business leader? It starts with discovering who you are. Knowing who you are, discovering your weaknesses and your strengths can help you develop confidence. Together we will dig deep to discover the root of what drives your Number, what fears you may unknowingly have, and how to conquer them. We also talk about what to look for when building a balanced team. Sit back and buckle in for one of the most interesting and engaging conversations we’ve had on a trending topic. Enneagram Coach, Andrea Isaacs goes into depth on each of the 9 personality types and shares great insights. We definitely did not want this conversation to end (as you will see by the 2 part series) and hope you enjoy this conversation on such an interesting topic. Connect with Enneagram Coach Andrea at or online at the following links: Personal Website Instagram Books We Mention: The Road Back To You Subscribe | New Episodes Tuesdays 9am EST

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