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EP 47 | What To Look For When Joining An Industry Network | Guest: Ben Sultze

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

12 years ago, ASSA ABLOY started an industry network group to connect with their users. They started something called MSC Network (Medeco Security Center Program), built with a group of diverse security professional businesses. Their purpose, to invest in the businesses to grow with tools, share ideas, and bring them together to have mutual gains.

On this episode of Coffee Break, Chad Lingafelt chats with Ben Sultze, Director of Aftermarket Development with ASSA ABLOY, and discuss what you should look for when joining an Industry Network. Ben leads by example and has forged a path for his team to follow by creating relationships and opportunities to cultivate trust within the industry groups.

Here are 3 Takeaways:

1. Identify Champions – Inside of the group, there has to be champions that can tailor your message in order to reach a diverse community.

2. Understanding Members Business Models: Having a local engagement team that is passionate about learning what the business needs and can communicate effectively with the groups within the network adds tremendous value.

3. Continuously Creating Value: Small groups within the network naturally form but proactively cultivating groups and learning from your peers is a huge priority. The value of the network is only as strong as the engagement level.

MSC Program Members – SAVE THE DATE: click here for more details!

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