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EP 127 | Tips for Leaders to Effectively Communicate | Guests: Cathy Maday & Ivan Konermann

Chad Lingafelt chats with Cathy Maday & Ivan Konermann of Wingspan Performance. On the second part of this episode, we talk about tips for leaders specifically on having effective communication with your team.

Cathy is the founder of Wingspan Performance and the creator of the Wingspan Performance System. Since 2003, she’s coached and advised leaders across the globe in many industries from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs.

Ivan is a West Point graduate and former U.S. Army Captain. As a leadership advisor with 21 years of experience in the private sector, he brings uncommon expertise in critical operations & problem solving to his work with leaders.

Wingspan partners with leaders around the world to strengthen their behavioral performance and communication.

Follow Wingspan:

Instagram: @wingspanperformance

Twitter: @wingspanperformance

Facebook: @wingspanperformance


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