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Door Closers

Have you noticed your door slamming shut when it used to close smoothly? Why is the door slamming? Why isn’t the door latching shut like it used to?

The answer could be simply a change in the season or weather!

Door closers are the mechanical piece mostly found at the top corner of the door and are important in keeping doors and locks secure.

Though they come in all shapes and sizes, their purpose remains the same. Door closers are designed to close a door after it has been opened. They can also be electronically powered to help open doors for people that aren't able to open them independently. We see these on many commercial buildings to help meet ADA compliance.

They are also used on fire doors and other types of exterior doors to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. Door Closers are also used to keep out drafts and regulate room temperature in interior spaces.

Without door closers to ensure your exterior doors seal properly, your building could be at risk! Sometimes, at the end of long work days, employees are more focused on heading home than making sure the door closes behind them.

It takes only a few seconds for an intruder to intercept an open door and enter your property without your knowledge. Door Closers help prevent that by ensuring that the door is latched shut.

Why does the weather affect your door closer? Inside of the door closer is hydraulic fluid. The change in cold or hot weather can affect the hydraulic fluid and lead to a loss of pressure. They should be checked in every season and adjusted as the weather changes.

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