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Defining Expectations with Metrics & Meetings

“A Challenge Is An Opportunity To Succeed”

One of our Core Values, Courageous Honesty, is handling the truth with courage early and often. It’s about being transparent with our teammates and our customers. Part of this is recognizing and addressing areas where we are not strong and focusing on making it better.

As our workload and our projects have continued to increase, the challenge right now for us is to continue to be effective, efficient, and provide the same level of customer service that we have been known for.

On a daily basis, our team is focused on 3 things to improve our organization and our customer's experience.

  1. Helpful & Kind Communication

    • When you talk to one of our team members on the phone or in-person they will be helpful and kind.

  1. Quick Response

    • We are focused on ways to be faster, more effective, and more efficient on our response rates.

  1. We Want To Solve The Problem

    • We will own it till it's right and everyone is satisfied.

The core of what we do is solve customer's problems and we are passionate about helping people. We take pride in our reputation for providing quality products and excellent reliable service.

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