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Cloud Based Camera Systems

Are you working for your camera system or is your camera system working for you? Having cameras at your property helps you protect the value of your business and gives your customers a sense of safety while on the premises. Although some camera monitoring setups can be extremely complicated, it doesn’t have to be!

Today we are talking about how to simplify your security camera system and some of the benefits of a simplified Cloud Based Camera System.

At Loc-Doc Security, Our Mission is to help you protect your people and your property. We continue to share information like this to help you be informed so you can know the best solutions for the security of your property.

First, let’s explain the different systems available.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder): If you’ve ever had cable television, you may have experience with a DVR player. This device will record tv shows directly to itself so you can watch it later. It was also a popular option in the early 2000s for use in Security Camera Systems. It would normally be set up with analog cameras with cables run directly to the DVR. It usually required space in a secure room and a computer setup to view the live and recorded video. Although there has been great innovation in the security camera industry, there are still some commercial properties and businesses that use DVR. One of the major drawbacks of utilising a DVR camera system is having to be physically onsite to view any footage. The other drawbacks would be storing the footage on a local drive at the site. If there was an issue with the DVR or it was intentionally damaged or stolen, all the footage would be permanently gone.

Cloud Security Camera System: A cloud based security camera system uses similar technology as any other cloud based streaming service. If you’ve ever used Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or Google Drive, you’ve used a cloud based service. The same technology is used for a Cloud Based Camera System. This type of platform allows cameras to be installed wherever an internet connection is available and be independent from a physical recording device. This also uses PoE that we mentioned in a previous article. All footage goes immediately to the cloud using a bridge to stream it and making it available for you to view on a mobile phone, tablet or computer from anywhere. A cloud based camera system is the best for those that want maximum flexibility in surveillance. With the cloud, you have immediate backup of any footage as well as immediate access to live and recorded video.

Here are some of the benefits of a Cloud Based Camera System:

You Will Save Money & Space! By using a Cloud Based Camera System, your video footage captured (data) of your property is safely stored in the cloud. This means you don’t have to worry about expensive or large hardware that will eventually break down or potentially risk losing your data. A traditional video surveillance system can be complicated and expensive mostly because of software to buy and install, having to manage licenses, codes or keys, and constantly maintaining an up to date Operating System for it to function properly. Using the Cloud eliminates all the headaches that come with a traditional system. Plus, since the data is in the cloud, it is available from any device that has an internet connection, and can be quickly accessed and distributed at the touch of a button. You can quickly view live cloud video, search historic video, adjust camera settings, and email videos – from any mobile device. It’s not complicated and actually simple for anyone to use! Event Detection & Notification in Real Time A Cloud Based Camera System offers unique features like event detection and notifications that happen in real time. You will always know what’s happening on your property with unlimited motion detection for each camera! You can rest assured that cloud video surveillance images are continuously analyzed in real-time and you can be alerted when an event occurs. Some of the functions include Line Crossing, Intrusion Detection, Loitering Detection, and Object Counting that can monitor patterns to help you make smarter business decisions, look at potential avenues for saving money, an ability to improve sales, and increasing your visitors’ satisfaction. Another tool that can be beneficial to some is the First Responder Real Time Cloud Video Access. You can grant access or designate in advance certain first responders who can receive real time cloud camera access during an emergency situation. Your cameras stay private until they are activated in an emergency situation. By granting this access, you can eliminate any delays and help in an Emergency situation. Central Management, Flexibility & Scalability Do you have multiple business sites? Large groups of people on your team? No problem. Using a Cloud Based Camera System means you have access to all the Central Management tools that you need! This allows you to delegate who has access, revoke access to users no longer on your team, and track user activity of the cloud video surveillance system. The best part is that you can do All of this from any web browser anywhere in the world. There are no plugins or software to install. If you use a Mac or a PC it doesn’t matter. It works across all platforms and all devices from iPad to Android and even Chromebook!

The other thing that comes to mind is the question ” Is my data safe?”. The short answer is “Yes”! All data and video is encrypted, and there are no open ports to the Internet. Only the right people that you authorize will get access to your data. Another positive is the ability to be flexible and scalable. This cloud video surveillance system gives you the flexibility to choose your own cloud video cameras, or use the cameras that are already installed. These are just a few of the many benefits of a cloud based camera system. For more information on these solutions, or for a custom crafted solution for your facility, request a consultation with our Professional Security Experts easily and on your schedule!

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