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Amenity Center Security Upgrades

We have been working on a project recently to upgrade the security for a HOA community clubhouse with a pool, tennis court, fitness center and party rental area.

PROBLEM: the clubhouse was built over 10 years ago and the camera system that was installed during construction had served its lifespan and was not providing the community with adequate visuals on activity on the property. They also had issues with the exterior doors being left unlocked or even open due to maintenance issues. Finally, there were a few additional areas that were identified to expand the existing Brivo Key fob system.

SOLUTION: We proposed the following solutions to improve the situation.

1. New High Definition camera system with additional camera positions and improved remote viewing capabilities including mobile viewing for live and recorded video.

2. New push bars on the exterior doors with automatic door closers to make sure the doors close and secure upon exit. The push bars can’t be left unlocked like the previous locking hardware.

We also upgraded the key system throughout the property to a Medeco X4 system to prevent unauthorized duplicate keys.

3. We added 2 additional key fob readers to maintain secured doors into the clubhouse and secured access to the tennis court.

The project covered all of our services offerings from key systems, door hardware, door repairs, cameras and electronic security.

A job well done by our team!!!

Sargent Locks, Arrow Door Closers, Medeco X4, FLIR cameras, Brivo Access Control

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