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5 Warning Signs It May Be Time To Invest In Residential Security

Homeowners often find comfort in the idea that “it will never happen to my home.” Unfortunately, it can and does happen to unsuspecting homeowners.   If this makes you unsure about how effective your current residential security methods are, it may be time to invest in a better system. Here are some common warning signs that your home may be more at risk than others for crime.

  1. You Travel Often or Have Long Times of Absence- If you and your family travel often or if you have times of long absences from your house, it may be at risk of break-ins.       Criminals usually don’t just break into homes spontaneously. Most times, the offender will have watched your home for some time.       They learn your routines and notice if you are gone often or for regular intervals. If you travel often for business or pleasure, it may be time to improve your residential security system.

  2. You Have Valuables On Display- Many times, homeowners believe the inside of their homes are secure to prying eyes.       However, lit rooms are easy to see into at night. Thieves can quickly identify expensive furnishings, jewelry boxes, and electronics within your home, and they will likely suspect other valuables are there, too. Also, don’t leave new purchase boxes out with your trash—that’s just advertising for someone to come steal your new computer or big screen TV.

  3. High Crime Rate in Your Neighborhood- This one may seem obvious, but it can change at any time. If your neighbors experience a break-in, it can definitely scare you into improving your residential security. It is important that you know if there is crime in your area. Thieves who get away with a burglary in one neighborhood may feel confident that they can successfully do it again to someone else nearby.

  4. Low-Lit Neighborhood- Many residential neighborhoods are well-lit, with streetlights and well-lit homes diovan hct generic.       On the other hand, many residential neighborhoods are not well-lit. If you live in one that is not well-lit, you may need to take extra measures to ensure your home’s security.

  5. Older Neighborhood- Do you live in a neighborhood with many elderly couples? Sadly, this may leave the neighborhood more vulnerable to burglaries. Often, burglars believe elderly families will have medications or valuable items in their home with fewer security measures. They may try to take advantage of this.

If you are ready to step your residential security up a notch, contact us today at Loc-Doc, Inc.

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