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5 Basic Home Security Measures You Can Take Today

For many homeowners, having a dog around can make them feel more secure. While this may be effective in notifying you that an intruder is around, your family Chihuahua may not be able to ward off criminals, especially if they enter your home. If you own a home and you are unsure what security measures you should have, take a look at this short list of some of the basic home security items that should be high on your list.

  1. Effective Door Locks- It is important that all of your doors close and lock securely. A dead bolt on each exterior door is much more effective than spring lock systems, which can be easily “picked.”   But remember, door locks are only effective when they are used. If you leave the home for even a few minutes, it is important that you lock the door behind you.

  2. Effective Window Locks- Intruders will often check easily-accessible windows to see if one may be unlocked.       Make sure your windows lock effectively. If you are leaving for a long trip, check every window before you go.       Almost one-fourth of burglars are believed to enter through first-floor windows

  3. Landscaping- If you have large bushes near your windows or trees near your home, you may be at risk for intruders on your property. Bushes or trees can be a safe-haven for burglars or other criminals to hide.       Keep your landscaping near your windows as short as possible. You can even talk to a landscaping company to help you decide if there are landscaping choices you can make for better home security.

  4. Exterior Lighting- Exterior lighting can keep criminals away. Well-lit areas around your home deter intruders who fear they may be spotted. Install exterior lighting around your doors and windows wherever possible.

  5. Consider a Home Security System- Professional home security systems can help ensure the security of your home.       They include door and window monitors that can effectively identify if someone unwanted has attempted to enter your home. They will be able to notify you that something is wrong at your home when you and your family are away.

For more home safety tips or if you are considering updating your home security system, contact us at Loc-Doc, Inc. today.

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