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4 Characteristics of a Leader | Monday Motivation with Chad Lingafelt

Chad Lingafelt recently interviewed a CEO of a Large Billion dollar Corporation to find out what he looks for when selecting a Leader. During this conversation, what was shared was 4 specific Characteristics that are essential to a great leader.

1. Curiosity

2. Courage

3. Confidence

4. Humility

Chad goes on to share how he has heard the statement “Servant Leadership shouldn’t be a title, it’s just Leadership. Service is a known part of leadership” in another podcast. As well as ” If serving is Below You then Leadership is above you.” The takeaway: Humility is a huge factor in Leadership.

Are you caught up with a title or a role?

Our challenge to you today: Serve others and that will establish you as a leader. Focus on doing what’s right, Not a role or a title, and ultimately You will become a positive and influential leader…and isn’t that what we all are striving to be?

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