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3 Benefits of Door Inventory for Commercial Property Management

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

In the world of Commercial Property Management, every day can mean looking at dozens of doors, each with it’s own myriad of problems that need to be addressed. Each of these problems require a vendor to come onsite to assess and resolve the issues with the door.

At Loc Doc Security we recognize the importance of identifying, recording, and maintain your doors with efficiency. This is why we developed our Opening Management System, a cloud based Door Inventory application. There are three major benefits  for having a door inventory for a Commercial Property Management company, which are outlined below.

1. Door Identification. One of the biggest challenges to reporting issues with doors is knowing and communicating which door you are having a problem with. This can be even more difficult in buildings with multiple floors and offices. At Loc Doc Security, our team places a sticker on every door we work with, that contains a unique identifying number and barcode. Any time an issue comes up, we can either search via the sticker number or scan the sticker with our app and can immediately find the door with all the applicable facility information we need.

2. Recording. Another obstacle for property management is keeping track of what work has been done on the doors. Who has been onsite? What is the status of the repairs from vendors? Once a door has an identification, the next step of improvement is keeping a record of everything related to a door. When our technician does work on a door, they will attach all tasks, including parts and services, to the door record, which can be easily searched and communicated to the appropriate parties.

3. Maintenance. The third and final benefit for having a Door Inventory system is maintaining the doors and reporting any issues quickly and efficiently. Our Opening Management system gives facility managers the ability to enter a service request simply by scanning the sticker on the door and entering the relevant information. This helps bridge the gap between a property manager and it’s vendors by giving both a fast and easy way to communicate on issues and solutions for each door. In a system which identifies and keeps record of every door in a facility, requesting service with a click is icing on the cake.

To find out more about the benefits of a Door Inventory system and Loc Doc Security’s Opening Management Software, visit our OMS page by clicking HERE

Watch the video below to see a Complete Security Upgrade using our Opening Management System.


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