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Protect Your Business by Installing One of Our Commercial Alarm Systems

Owning a company can be a stressful. Finances, productivity, profits, and employee welfare are a few elements that come with owning a company. Protecting your business and its products is vital. This is why you need to have a security system that you can rely on.

At Loc-Doc, Inc., we offer commercial alarm systems that are tested and built to offer optimum protection against break-ins and theft. In today’s world, crime is ever increasing. It doesn’t matter what type of neighborhood your company resides in – theft and break-ins can happen at any time to anyone. Commercial alarm systems are a great way to monitor suspicious activity and safeguard against possible break-ins.

Most criminals are looking for an easy way in and out. Our commercial alarm systems will deter this type of action through five main components:

  1. Door & Window Contacts – alerts the system when doors and windows are touched

  2. Sensory Motion Detector – senses motions of intruders

  3. Siren or Alarm – instantaneous response when the system is alerted

  4. Control Panel – preferences in activating your system

  5. Keypad – a code for arming and disarming your system

With this system built into place, you can better secure your business and the products within. You can also shield your company from going out of business. With over 50 years of experience in the security industry, we are here for you. Contact us today to find out more!

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