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Professional Locksmiths – What does “Professional” mean?

Professionalism. What does it mean for a service company?  

From the foundation of our organization in the early 1980’s, our founder, Bob Katz, had a precise focus on being a “Professional Locksmith”.  In fact, it was plastered on the side of the early service van that Loc-Doc traveled in back in those days.   Bob felt that is was an important differentiator for a new company to establish itself with a standard of excellence and professionalism that would help improve the reputation of a industry that had less than a professional reputation.

Because of our foundation, we want to keep building upon that understanding.  Unless we constantly work on and improve our professional reputation, it will slowly fade away.

To our customers, we want to communicate our goals in words and actions.  It is important for our customers to know that we are deliberate about our goals and serious about accomplishing them.  If we constantly pursue our goal to be the “Professional Locksmith”, then we are always working hard on our checklist and 3 key factors.

Professional Communication

  1. With Each Other

  2. With our Vendors

  3. With our Customers

Professional Appearance

  1. Clean & Orderly Workspace

  2. Clean & Orderly Uniforms

  3. Clean & Orderly Jobsite

Professional Conduct

  1. Honest

  2. Courteous & Kind

  3. Serving Each Other

  4. Serving Our Customers

How can it impact our daily operation?  

As a Customer Service organization, we must always be in the attitude of serving our customers.  We want to prepare ourselves to do this by serving each other.  We want our team members to always, in every way look for ways to help each other succeed.   When the focus is shifted to serving others, it will definitely show when we serve our customers.  On a daily basis, we deal with stressful, time sensitive matters.  Each customers issue is of highest priority to them!  We want you to feel and understand that it is the highest priority for us as well.

Why should it matter?

We are security professionals.  We train, educate and improve our knowledge on the latest in technology and hardware to protect your investments, family and assets.  All the knowledge that we obtain, and all the credentials in the world don’t mean anything to our customers if we can’t communicate our knowledge, experience and expertise in a Professional manner.

If we present our knowledge as arrogant or pretentious “experts” that “know more than you”, then we will never gain your trust or confience.

We strive to set a standard for excellence.  We grow, learn and improve daily.  We don’t take that for granted.  It’s not guaranteed or expected.

To be a Professional isn’t something that is awarded or entitled.  It takes daily focus and intentional discipline to maintain.  That’s our goal.

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