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Problem: Lock Bumping | Solution: ?

Lock Bumping is in the national news spotlight again.  A story recently aired on ABC News and Good Morning America regarding the popularity of Lock Bumping.  We’d like to outline the story, the truth and possible solutions to protect against it.

Reference LinkABC News Story

ABC News Screen Shot


  1. Method of key bypass

  2. Used by Locksmith’s for years

  3. Bump Keys are easily made

  4. Bump Keys are easily accessible

  5. Easy to learn.

  6. Non Destructive to the lock.

  7. Limited or No record of entry.

  8. Bumping works on all standard pin tumbler locks.


  1. Locks that meet and exceed UL 437 

  2. Deter unauthorized opening by one or more of the following methods:

  3. Bypass

  4. Lockpicking

  5. Impressioning

  6. Destructive Entry (specifically: punching, sawing, drilling, pulling, and other methods using small hand tools)

  7. Meet ANSI / BHMA Grade 1 Specifications

  8. All cylinders must meet all DRILLING (5min) and PICKING(10min) requirements of UL-437

  9. Key Control (ratings are cumulative)

  10. C – Manufacturer restricted blanks

  11. B – Blanks protected by law

  12. A – Authorization required

  13. Pick Resistance

  14. Minimum of 2 Security Pins

  15. Paracentric Keyway

  16. Minimum of one bore depth designed to prevent overlifting

  17. Meets all levels of C plus UL-437 for pick resistance (10 min) Resist picking for 15 min as tested by 5 “ALOA Certified” Locksmiths with “commercially” available tools

  18. “A product shall not open or be compromised as a result of application of the tools and methods described ”

  19. Common hand tools

  20. Hand or portable electronic tools – Saw blades

  21. Puller mechanisms

  22. Picking tools

All this information summarized is finding a more secure lock, door, door jamb and hardware than the “Standard” hardware on your home and business.  We recommend Medeco High Security Locks.

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