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How To Manage Your Keys

We understand many property managers, facility managers and property owners have frustrations with keeping track of their doors, locks, and keys. We use a unique tracking software where you can customize your view to see any information about your facility that you want to see.

It eases your frustration and gives you the visibility of what keys work with Doors. As a bonus you can also see the entire work history of service for that door and lock.

During this webinar, our team of experts will guide you through knowing what keys work what doors and best practices of managing your key system. Learn how to manage your property with ease at work, home, or even poolside.

Current Methods and Issues

  • Paper Records

  • Notebook / Binder

What are the results of this?

Problems / Issues

  • Inaccurate Information

  • Old Data not updated

  • Difficult to know what is the latest

  • Information can’t be decoded

Components of a Key System

  • Key Information

  • Keys Issued

  • Key Holders

  • What keys operate which doors

  • Key Codes

Information we keep for the property

  • Master Key System

  • Key Records

  • Keypad Combinations

  • Site Visits

  • Quotes

  • GPS Data

  • Documents

  • Images

  • Communication Notes

  • Quick Look info / Keyway

  • History of Parts

  • Task / Work History

  • Openings

    • By Floor

    • By Suite

    • By the buildings door numbering system ( if applicable )

    • Type of Locks or other applicable hardware

    • Type of Door

    • Pictures

    • Variety of other Information

    • Door Audits

    • Key Code (Keys that Operate the Door)

    • Task at the Opening

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