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Feel Like You’re Living too Close to Nature? Door Installation Can Fix That

Imagine sitting at your desk, ready to unwind and enjoy some quiet time after a long day at work. You get up to grab your novel that is sitting in your briefcase by the front door. As you approach the door, you realize that the major rainstorm howling around the eaves of your home is threatening to enter.  Worse yet, as you feel a breeze and water on your face, you realize that the storm is actually invading your home. When you feel like you are at one with nature, while inside your home, it may be time to consider door installation services.

Most of the time, when wind and water are entering your home around the door area, it is due to problems with the door, door frame, or weather stripping. If it is a simple matter of replacing old weather stripping, the fix is easy. If there are cracks between the door frame and the door, you could try adding weather stripping to seal the gap. However, if the door has been damaged, possibly kicked in at some point in time, it will create a wider gap and may not latch properly. When the gap is wide enough, no amount of weather stripping will fix it and you may truly need a new door installation.

When this is the case, contact us at Loc-Doc, Inc. We specialize in keeping homes safe and secure. When you call on us for door installation, we will arrive promptly, ready to complete the task quickly and effectively. Not only will we help you keep wind and water out, but our services can also help keep your home secure from would-be thieves and intruders. Contact us today to find out more about how we can protect your home!

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