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EP 149 | Understanding & Preventing Burnout | Guest: Michael Levitt

Chad Lingafelt chats with Michael Levitt, ounder & Chief Burnout Officer of The Breakfast Leadership Network, a San Diego and Toronto-based burnout consulting firm.

On this episode, Michael talks about his experience with burnout and his journey to being an advocate for stress management and establishing boundaries. We touch on how losing his job during the recession, having a heart attack, and losing his vehicle and home was the best thing to happen to him, Although a traumatic series of events, it ignited a passion to help others recognize burnout and ultimately launched the Breakfast Leadership Network.

Michael shares how to recognize signs of burnout in yourself and others and how you can start taking immediate steps to prevent a downward spiral.

Here’s 4 tips to recognizing Possible Burnout:

  1. Sleep: Are you getting enough? Are you sleeping through the night?

  2. Motivation: If things you normally like to do don’t interest you anymore because you’re tired this can be an indicator of burnout.

  3. Forgetfulness: You might be foggy or in a daze. You might be more forgetful than usual.

  4. Irritability: If you are short tempered or unusually irritable this may be a sign of possible burnout.

Connect with Michael Levitt & Breakfast Leadership Network

Buy Michael’s New Book Burnout Proof: Amazon link

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