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Access for Accountability | Case Study #1

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

We were recently contacted by a manufacturing company that had a unique Commercial Security issue involving extreme vandalism and damage to personal property in their facility. A former disgruntled employee was causing damage to cars on the property. It had escalated to the point that police were being dispatched to monitor the location 24 hours a day. This was obviously a costly and temporary cure to their security problems, so they were very eager for our assessment of the situation. They needed a fast solution to secure the building,  provide protection, and accountability for their employees.  

A  serious upgrade to security was needed, including controlling access to the property, as well as automatic gates. We were ready to step in and provide Commercial Security Service to meet their needs.  Account Manager Kevan Starr said this about our solution to the project:

“They were already utilizing a card reader system for their time card management, and we were able to use their existing badge system to tie into the access control system.  By adding access control ( a.k.a. commercial door buzzer) to the exterior doors, management was now able to keep the facility secure from the outside, while also having the ability to track who entered the building and at what time.  

Utilizing this security system they also gained the ability to restrict access during non-working hours to prevent un-authorized access. In addition, we are currently designing a camera system to supplement the access control to add an additional layer of security and accountability to their facility.”

At the end of the project we not only provide a solution to their problem, but we were able to establish a full scale integrated upgrade of their security system. For both customer and vendor alike, this is a perfect example of the benefits of providing complete Commercial Security Service solutions on the job sites.

So often solutions are split up and parsed out to different companies and contractors. We are dedicated to not only eliminating the hassle and stress that comes with security solutions, but by consolidating our resources we are ensuring that the job is done well, and it is done right the first time.

Products Used:

Arrow MLX Series

Brivo Access Control System

Eagle Eye Camera Management & Cloud Storage

Hikvision 3MP Vandal Dome Cameras

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