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A Tale of Two Criminals: The Importance of Cameras

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

On the night of July 24th, at Brevard Court, near Romare Bearden Park, a couple walking down the street were randomly assaulted by at least 5 assailants. Both sustained multiple injuries, and it could have been worse if not for several bystanders that intervened. The attackers then fled and are still at large.

On the same night, there was a reported arrest of a criminal who was involved in a June 20th break-in at GiGi’s Cupcakes. He had broken the store window with a brick and stolen a cash register as well as other property from the facility.

What stands out about these two cases is not what they have in common, but rather the difference between them. In the first case, there were no cameras present at the scene, and in the second, there was a camera recording the entire event.

According to Spectrum News, “Brevard Court is private property and there are no city surveillance cameras in the area.” When the couple was attacked, there was nothing but the memory of the couple to assist police in locating the suspects. When faced with a dangerous and sudden situation, the first instinct is to defend oneself and get out of danger, and it is difficult to pay attention to the faces and appearances of who is attacking.

In the other case, footage quickly uncovered several details about the perpetrator. One surprising fact that was revealed was that the criminal was wearing an ankle bracelet, which was a court-ordered electronic monitoring device. After sharing the footage with several police officers, the person was quickly recognized as a repeat offender in breaking and entering cases. In their article, WCNC staff said “He had been ordered to wear it while he was awaiting trial on completely separate commercial breaking or entering changes.”

Shortly after the incident, the suspect was apprehended and detained. Cameras made all the difference in this case, and could have done the same in the other, if they were there. When considering the cost of camera surveillance, think about situations like this. Being secure and comfortable in a place that has security surveillance is important for many consumers, and seeing an increase in safety concerns due to lack of camera footage is likely to discourage them from visiting an unsurveilled area. It is to the interest of not only the public, but to private businesses, to ensure that they feel safe about the security of their property, and also that their customers feel safe as well.

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