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7 Top Spots For Germs At Work

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Reducing Touch Points can help your customers and your Team stay healthy! Think about everything you touch just walking into your office, the door handle, light switch, coffee machine, countertop, office door, desk, laptop…the list goes on and on.

Everyday, these touch points collect their fair share of micro organisms. However, when someone is infected with a virus, these seemingly harmless touch points become a source of infection and transmission. By removing frequently touched items, you can help reduce the amount of pathogens in the environment and reduce the chance of passing a virus around your business. Here are 7 Top Spots for Germs at Work!

#7 Number 7, The Copier Machine. This hot spot is one of the top touched items at work and can easily transfer germs if someone sick touches the buttons. With everyone touching it daily, You won’t be able to look at the Start button in the same way! It’s easy to stay safe, just leave some disinfectant wipes nearby or hand sanitizer to clean your hands after touching.

#6 Number 6, The Water Cooler. You won’t only weigh in on if Carol Baskin killed her husband (she definitely did), but you could pick up the latest virus going around if you touch this hot spot for germs! Bring a disinfectant wipe with you before pushing the buttons and use a paper towel against the rim of your cup to prevent the transfer of bacteria from someone else's cup to yours!

#5 Number 5, The Fridge. You can’t wait to dig into those leftover enchiladas, but watch out for the fridge handles! They harbor a ton of bacteria so after you take a peek inside to make sure your redbull is still in there, (I’m looking at you Karen) wash your hands for at least 20 seconds! A daily wipe down of the door handles with disinfectant and weekly interior clean out of the fridge can help stop the transfer of germs.

#4 Number 4, The Microwave. Just 30 more seconds until your mom’s Lasagna is ready but before you chow down, take 20 seconds to wash your hands and wipe down those buttons you just pushed with disinfectant! Think about it, everyone touched those buttons and then their food. According to a study by Kimberly Clark, the microwave buttons and handles are a top breeding ground for bacteria.

#3 Number 3, The Coffee Machine / or coffee pot. If your office runs on coffee like ours does, everyone is frequently touching the machine. This is why it’s number 3 on the list! According to an Arizona State Study, the coffee pot is a hot spot for spreading germs. In this experiment, a synthetic germ spread across an office of 80 people in just 4 hours because everyone touched the contaminated coffee pot. We love java but you might start eyeballing the coffee machine as one of the germiest places you can touch. Make sure to wash your hands after using the machine and wipe the handle with a disinfecting wipe!

#2 Number 2, Keyboards. Do you share a workspace? You might want to think twice about letting Jan from Accounting borrow your keyboard to show you that funny cat video. Keyboards and desk tops can harbor so many germs especially if it’s a shared workspace. An Arizona State Study showed the level of Bacteria on Keyboards is 400 Times Higher Than on Public Toilet Seats. Yes, public toilet seats. A good tip is to clean your keyboard and desk regularly with disinfectant wipes. But also it wouldn't hurt to wash your hands or use some hand sanitizer after touching those least before you touch the coffee machine!

#1 Number 1, Door Knobs and Handles. They look innocent but contamination of just a single doorknob can spread viruses and germs throughout office buildings, hotels or health care facilities within hours. Washing your hands for 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer after opening a door, and frequently wiping down the handles with disinfecting wipes can help to reduce the amount of germs but not eliminate them entirely. But you don’t have to touch the number one germiest spot at work if you Use Automatic Door Openers! These can be installed on High Traffic Exterior or Interior Doors and opened by using Motion Activated Buttons or a mobile app! Reduce those touch points and please, wash your hands!

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