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Why Visibility is Crucial to the Security of Your Business

Every year businesses have meetings to discuss and develop a budget for the next year. All healthy businesses must choose how much of their resources need to be allocated to which areas. Security in particular is a very important concern in budgeting, because the investment you are making is in protecting your company, your employees, and even your customers. How high a priority is it to protect the people, or the things you value within your company? A greater emphasis on these things will help establish a sense of trust and comfort among your coworkers, as well as your customers.

More often than not the security budget discussion is limited to one thing: locks and keys. However this is just one small component to a competent security package.

One of the most overlooked areas is visibility: the ability to keep an eye on your property to ensure that it is safe, and the ability to react quickly to security threats, such as break ins or theft. With the recent innovations and technologies available through our cloud based camera systems, the benefit provided to visibility is astronomical.

Here are three areas in which visibility can greatly improve the security of your business.

  1. Recording: This is the most basic need of every business. When an event like a break in occurs, it is crucial to have footage of the evidence for many reasons, such as assiting the authorities with investigations, and presenting evidence of loss or damage of a propety for insurance purposes. Not only that, but the mere presence of a camera will help to deter many would-be perpetrators from ever commiting a crime.

  2. Remote Access: On top of having recorded footage, ensuring your camera has remote access is a tremendous boon to your ability to keep your business safe and secure. You not only want to have a record of what has happened, but you want to be able to pull up the camera footage and see, in real time, what is happening on your property. This is the very definition of visibility: you cannot protect what you cannot see.

  3. Event Recognition: Lastly, event recognition is a much more recent but very helpful area within the camera systems industry. Multiple technologies have come into play which will recognize “events” in the camera and react to them. This is implemented in several ways, such as alerts that send out when a specific line or area within the field of view is crossed, or even the pan-to-zoom feature which detects movement and then zooms in on it. This capability in visibility can be the difference between reacting to a break-in attempt before it is successful or after; or in identifying a suspect by getting a focused view of them or their vehicle.

These three areas, among many others, provide a myriad of resources which can help us to improve security through visibility. Visibility through camera systems plays a vital role in protecting your business, and therefore should be included in the conversations for next years budget. The question is, how valuable is your business, and the people within? Are you willing to invest the resources to protect them?

If so, we’d love for you to meet with one of our Security Professionals for a free evaluation! It’s quick, easy, & convenient to your schedule. Just click here and pick a time that works for you!

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