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Deck Your Door with Armor Not Just Holly

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

As we continue our series on improving security for the holiday season, there is one important area which is the door strike. The standard strike is held to the door with 2 screws, and it is the hole in which the latch will catch and stay. The problem is that often enough these 2 screws can only withstand so much pressure. For this reason, most doors with the standard strike set up can easily be kicked in, meaning that the security of your home is at risk. Watch the video below to see how quickly a door can be kicked in and what you can do to prevent this from happening to you!

As burglaries increase for the holiday season, and our homes are being filled with lots of valuable gifts, the residential property becomes a prime target for criminals. So how can we prevent break- ins like this? With door armor.

Door Armor is a product that was designed to strengthen the weak points on your existing doors. By reinforcing the frame, hinges, and area around the lock, as well as longer screws to create a firm anchor, it makes the door nearly impossible to kick in.

At Loc Doc Security we want to provide you with the best tools and solutions to protect yourself and your things. Door Armor is one of the easiest decisions to make in this area. It is so simple yet provides tremendous value in security.

We always encourage our customers to consider the value of what they want to protect, not just of the items you own but of your life and the lives of your family. With this decision you dont have to sacrifice much in the way of cost to achieve the comfort and peace of mind of a safe home. This holiday season, we can help you make that choice. Click here for a free estimate on installing door armor in your home.

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