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Security Perspective:  A reactive or preventative approach

Each day, each individual makes intentional or unintentional decisions regarding security relating to your personal safety or the protection of your property and personal assets.

During a recent visit with a customer, we began discussing these decisions and how impactful the results can be.  As the conversation ended and I thought through the conversation later, the impact really set in.  When you leave your home in the morning, you won’t think about leaving the door unlocked and just hope that someone wouldn’t come in when you were gone and help themselves to your property or your family.  You make a conscious decision to secure your home when you leave.  You park your car and go into your office.  You click the remote button twice just to make sure the doors are locked.  You wouldn’t leave the doors unlocked and the keys in the cup holder for anyone to “borrow” your car while you are inside working.

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t leave the office building unlocked so anyone can come inside, steal your equipment, gather your customer information or harm fellow employees.  You make intentional security decisions each day.

During the conversation, a reference was made about the fact they rely on professionals for HVAC, mechanics, plumbing, electrical and other aspects of facilities.  But often times, Security is taken as a DIY project.  The result typically ends in “temporary fixes” or “band-aids” to the security of our facilities and homes.  His point, we need to make more intentional and proactive decisions to protect our facilities, our patrons, our families and each other.  When we look at Security upgrades or security maintenance issues that have just been ignored for a number of reasons, we have to understand that the impact can be on a grand scale.  Saving a few dollars now can and will result in a larger fiscal or physical damage.

Loc-Doc, Inc in Charlotte, NC approaches these situations with a professional approach,  we want to solve problems, improve security and impact our communities with better security.  We want to improve safety and security for our families, our friends and our communities.

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