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What is Attack Resistant Glass?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

With Universities, Colleges, and Schools getting ready to go back to school and business establishments, shopping centers, and places of worship open and in full swing, one of the things that comes to mind is safety.

As a parent, you want peace of mind that your child (no matter the age) is safe while at school. As a spouse, you want to ensure your husband or wife is safe while at work.

With active shooter drills being the norm in schools and even workplaces, we currently exist in a devastating reality where mass shootings happen and we must focus on reducing tragedies. Sometimes bad people do bad things. Although their motives vary, the effects are the same.

At Loc-Doc Security, Our Mission is to help you protect your people and your property. While this is a particularly grim topic and the odds that you will be a victim of a mass shooting are low, we wanted to share this information to help you be informed so you can know the best solutions for your personal safety and security.

Since 2009, there have been 255 mass shootings in the United States, resulting in 1449 people shot and killed and 961 people shot and wounded. These mass shootings have taken place in the workplace, schools, places of worship, restaurants, bars, clubs, colleges, universities, and retail shopping centers.

While the statistics that show how often shooters were inside the location of the shooting are staggering, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the violence.

Image from The Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends Run, Hide, and Fight in active shooter situations.

If at work or school, you are most likely to be in an office or classroom setting where running and evacuation isn’t always possible. Being able to hide and be out of view in a locked room that can withstand a brutal physical attack is paramount. First, let’s cover what Attack Resistant Glass can’t do. Attack Resistant Glass is not bulletproof. It will not stop a bullet from going through.

So what can Attack Resistant Glass do? Attack Resistant Glass can maintain its structural integrity when hit with bullets or repeatedly with strong force. This means that even if shot you won’t be able to break through the glass. Bullets can go through the glass, however it’s designed to minimize breaking through and that would prevent an attacker from being able to breach the opening. This attack resistant glass has been put through rigorous testing and if under an attack, it can withstand it for over 4 minutes even with a combination of bullets and a physical attack with an object like a hammer or butt of a rifle. Even though bullets will penetrate the glass it remains in place to prevent anyone from entering or reaching through to unlock the door. Since active shooter situations are often over within 10 to 15 minutes, before law enforcement arrives on the scene, people in schools and workplaces must be prepared for the situation. This extra time can help keep any occupants safe and secure until first responders can neutralize the threat. This is a life safety solution that gives people enough time to take cover and wait till first responders arrive. Attack Resistant Glass is an easy and affordable solution to enhance the security of any opening especially in schools, busy public venues such as government buildings, offices, places of worship.

Now for some frequently asked questions: What is the difference between Attack Resistant Glass and Security Film? Attack Resistant Glass is a laminate with glass on both sides that is designed to withstand an intruder attack for 4+ minutes, even after bullets go through the glass. Security film is an externally applied plastic that was designed for blast purposes to keep glass from becoming shrapnel, it has not been proven to provide attack resistance for more than 5 seconds. Does Attack Resistant Glass look different from regular Tempered Glass? No, they look the same. Attack Resistant Glass and standard glass are clear and typically only 7/16″ thick. Ensuring your school or facility is secure and safe during an attack can feel overwhelming. While a sober topic, we are able to help provide support and education on attack resistant glass so you can protect your people. If you want to learn more about attack resistant glass for your school or office, schedule a free evaluation with one of our Security Professionals.

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