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What Custom Options Are Available With Home Alarm Systems?

When choosing between the many home alarm systems, your options may seem endless. From brand to size to security coverage, you may feel like you are chasing your own tail in the quest for better home security. However, there are some general custom option categories that will make you feel like you have made a confident choice for protecting your residential property.

  1. Window/Door Sensors- This is the main component of home alarm systems. Window and door sensors are directly connected to the control panel, and they will be able to sense when a seal is broken.       These sensors are fairly similar in design, but you will be able to choose how much coverage you want.       Many home security users choose to include every door and window in their home, but you can choose only the doors and easily accessible windows if you wish.

  2. Control Panel- The control panel is the brain of the entire home alarm system. It controls when the system is activated and deactivated, who has access, etc. The control panel is available in many options. You can choose a panel in your home, or you can choose a fully-automated system, which can be controlled by your smart device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). Fully-automated systems allow you to control almost all aspects of your home alarm system.

  3. Access Control- The most common access control for residential properties is a keypad-controlled door lock or garage door opener. Each user can be given a code, and you will be able to tell who has accessed your home and when.

  4. Life Safety Sensors- When you choose a security company, they may offer custom options in life safety sensors and monitors. This means your home alarm system will be directly connected to your fire alarms, carbon dioxide alarms, etc. When an emergency occurs, your system will notify emergency personnel automatically.

  5. Sirens- Some home alarm systems offer sirens to notify you and intruders that your security system is active.

  6. Motion Sensors- As an added security measure, some advanced home alarm systems are equipped with motion sensors.

To learn more about what options are available to you in home alarm systems, contact us today at Loc-Doc, Inc.

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