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The Secret to Building Lasting Relationships

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Lasting relationships don’t just happen overnight. This is true in your personal life, but especially in business. It takes time to develop trust, rapport, and that goes hand in hand with consistent work. We’ve picked up a few tips along the journey and are always happy to share our success and even some of our failures.

For the next 5 Thursdays, we will share 1 Secret we use to Build Lasting Business Relationships. Think of it as a little insider advantage to help you on the path to success. We love to give back and if you can learn from our experiences, you’ll be one step ahead of the game! Here’s the first secret.

Secret 1: Authenticity. Have you ever met someone in real life that was completed different from the online persona that they created? It’s weird, isn’t it? Especially when your expectation doesn’t line up with the reality of who the person actually is. Its also the worst way to start a relationship!

That’s where authenticity comes into play. What is Authenticity? It’s being your self and owning it. Being authentic is being genuine. People can pick up really quickly if you are being fake. So just be you!

You can find people and even companies that you have a natural connection with when you have things in common. So don’t be shy about that low key obsession you have with Fixer Upper, or whatever your favorite past time might be. Being You and being real will help you connect with others. Remember Authenticity goes a long way.

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