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Security Cameras

Commercial Security Cameras in Charlotte – At one time or another, you’ve probably watched a television show in which an establishment’s commercial security cameras were able to provide a vital clue used to capture a criminal. This actually happens more often than you might think. Commercial security cameras can do even more than help solve a crime and catch a criminal, however. AT LOC-DOC, INC. IN CHARLOTTE, NC, WE CAN SHOW YOU ALL THE MANY BENEFITS YOU COULD BE ENJOYING WITH THE ADDITION OF COMMERCIAL SECURITY CAMERAS.

  • Crime Deterrent: Just the visual presence of surveillance equipment will deter many criminals from targeting your business. They would much rather move on to the easier target than take a chance of being caught. It is typically only on television that they race in with high-tech blocking equipment and know exactly what wires to snip. The reality is that most criminals will simply leave you alone when they realize you have commercial security cameras.

  • Employee Protection: Your employees will be safer and feel safer with commercial security cameras operating. We can install these in the parking lot, for example, so people will be safer going to and from their vehicles.

  • Productivity: It is a known fact that companies enjoy better productivity from their employees when they know that their employer has the ability to watch what they do. They are far less likely to waste time and goof off when they should be working. As an employer, you can also use commercial security cameras to monitor an employee whom you believe may be a problem, whether they may be wasting time or possibly stealing company property.

  • Documentation: By having your commercial security cameras set to record, you have the documentation needed in court should you ever be involved in a legal matter either brought by you against a customer or employee or brought against your company by someone else. Often you can use this recording to refute a claim right at the get-go and avoid costly legal issues. Furthermore, someone wanting to pull a scam will be less likely to try it in your establishment if they know there are cameras present that could prove their guilt.

  • Marketing Tool: Commercial security cameras can also be used as a creative marketing tool, as you can watch traffic flows within your retail establishment and watch for trends that could help you better manage the floor layout for optimal sales. Salespeople can also gain an idea about what products are holding their customers’ attention and thus be able to better serve them.

  • Customer Protection: There are times when your commercial security cameras can help your Charlotte, NC customers when they are in your establishment. This can be as simple as helping a customer locate her handbag that she sat down on somewhere, or more serious, such as finding a child who has wandered off. It can also be used to support or deny a customer’s complaint that another customer or one of your employees has brought them harm, or that they were injured on your property.

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