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Secret 2: Values & Morals

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Secret 2: Values & Morals What do you value? What do you believe in? We seek out people in life that share similar values as us. It’s easy to connect with someone when they value the same things. Are they honest in all their dealings? How do they treat other people in business? Are they kind? How do they treat the people serving them? Are they ready to step in and help? Do they share knowledge or horde information? How are they at serving others? Do they steal an idea or do they give credit where it is due?

Values go hard in hand with Morals and Character. When you have a good character, people will find you trustworthy. We are drawn to those that are honest and who exhibit traits that we want to model. Think about the last time you needed to have a car repair. You search for someone that is Honest and discard those that have a defect in their character. The same applies in business. Do we respect them and their values?

You don’t have to have the same point of view, but similar values are non negotiable.

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