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Reducing The Spread of Germs

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

As many states are preparing to reopen, and the quarantine comes to a near close for many businesses and their customers, there is one big problem that property owners and managers are facing: How can we prevent or reduce the further spread of this virus, and any viruses that may hit us in the future?

One of the causes of the spread of the pandemic was the overwhelming presence of touch points. This means any area in a property that receives a heavy amount of touches. The most common touch point is the door handle.

As people enter and exit a business the door may be touched hundreds or thousands of times in a week. If someone with germs on their hands touches that door, that means those hundreds or thousands of touches become possible infections.

This is a perplexing problem for a business that depends on customers entering and exiting their building to buy their products, or even a property owner whose tenants are needing access in and out of a building. If we cannot make our customers and clients feel safe, how can we expect to have business as usual?

Thankfully there is a solution available, which we call hands free openings. Either through motion activation or access control (swiping a badge or using your phone to access the door), you can set up your doors so that they swing open without any touches.

This will eliminate your touch points at least by half. Not only can this help prevent another pandemic from spreading so quickly, but your customers, who are just as worried as you are, will feel safer, and probably more likely to visit your business or property.

If you are interested in learning more or getting a quote for hands free openings at your location, please click here to set up a free estimate with our sales team.

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