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Protected Key Systems & Access Control Eliminates Unnecessary Expenses | Case Study #2

We were contacted by a water service company that had 3 existing keypads at their facility. They realized that they were spending a lot on constant service trips from a different vendor to change the keypad codes every time an employee left. Not to mention the code could still be passed around to people who may not be authorized to enter. They initially wanted to add a key card system to their suite that was compatible with the key card system that existed in the complex their suite was in.

Account Manager Zach Phifer explains further “When the customer explained the issues and the extra expense of site visits from other vendors to change keypad codes, I knew the solution was Brivo Access Control. It would eliminate the constant code changes plus Brivo’s user-friendly interface and ability to manage multiple locations would be a great fit for the problems they were experiencing.”

We also recommended a Medeco Keymark Protected Key System to eliminate any duplication of physical keys in addition to Brivo Access Control. The locks and keys in the Keymark system give the owners key control. Additionally, the card readers coupled with a cloud based system allow for a more efficient and seamless process for controlling who can and cannot enter the facility.

When we did the install, the company was amazed at the service we provided. Not only was the installation done well, but the technicians were clean, quiet, and efficient the entire time onsite. In fact, we were told the company’s corporate staff were at the facility the same day and they never knew we were there doing the installation; they didn’t hear a thing! The customer was so pleased that they then asked us to provide the same solution to an additional 4 locations: 1 more in Charlotte, 1 in Morehead City, 1 in Lake Lure, and 1 in Sugar Mountain.

This project offered us a wonderful insight into the benefits of cloud-based integration. It is one thing to have an access system tied to one facility, but when you add 4 facilities to the equation, managing them all can be a hassle. With the Brivo system, this was a non-issue. All 5 sites are easily managed under a single interface, and all updates and changes are synchronized through the cloud. This makes for a clean and easy process for maintaining security for multi-site businesses. We were very pleased with the way this project turned out

In conclusion, we provided a solution to eliminating the unnecessary keypad code change expenses, established an easily managed Access System, added a layer of protection and control to keys, and ultimately upgraded the longevity of their security. We take pride in creating custom Commercial Security Service Solutions for individual needs. No two jobs are the same and listening to the customer's needs is integral to identifying the best solution to ensure their security.